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I also had already eaten the other half!!!!

Oh my I am soon very grossed out and sick to my stomach as I was sharing this sandwhich with my 19 month old baby.I would like for giant eagle to contact me at 724-420-1429 as I have saved the fly sandwhich

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First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #958212

Well it could have been worse, you could have found half a fly in the sandwich.

to First Born Triplet Montgomery, Alabama, United States #958215

Just tell them it is someone that wants you to join Nambla who approached you on myspace and pretended to be the same age as you.

to Harris Saskatchewan, Canada #958218

Nice reply, but NAMBLA members do not pretend to be teenaged boys.They are very clear that they are pedobears and find no shame in their sick fantasies.

PS you quoted the wrong post by him.I think you intended to post the prank call post originally posted by flippette.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #956912

Give idiots access to the internet and they will show their stupidity to the world.

I don't know where to start.

Ok, so, I've worked retail for ten years. I hate to say, but innocent things like this happens. It happens!

Your super special, smart, unique baby has put worse things in her mouth than a sandwich that was not even touching the fly.

Second, that store isn't going to contact you. Wtf, this is a company board. No representatives are on this site! Just us.

Lucky I don't feel like prank calling you. I have a job to get to.

Third, ***, throw that *** fly away! Wtf is wrong with you?

You just have the fly in a cup in the fridge? The BEST you can do is to take this picture, go inside the store, QUIETLY speak to a manager, tell them what happened and probably get a new, nasty mayo sandwich.

Get over yourselves.

First Born Triplet
to flippette Ontario, Canada #958213

I would crank call her but our parents would want to know who I know in New York, New York.


Just making sure you understand that they will

NOT be contacting you. This is just where you share your frustrations with the public. Looks like an olive or something similar to me but I would suggest calling the customer service line and they can better assist you

Detroit, Michigan, United States #953004

They were trying to supplement your diet with more protein. Stop being a crybaby! Wah wah wah.

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