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How would you feel if on your mid-morning break at the office water cooler you hear you are to be terminated at the end of the day ? This is the Giant Eagle way.

I have a GE Fuelperks credit card that I use for groceries, pharmacy and gas; or at least I once did. I rec'd a letter from Comenity bank (Giant Eagles financial service provider) that my Fuelperks card will be worthless at year's end. What did I do ? How can this be ?

I have a stellar credit score, never carry a balance and have never missed a payment. The wife called the local store and tried to prompt some information. She was told "changes" were coming - "Stand by". Meanwhile I rec'd my monthly statement and went to pay online but the Comenity website played dead.

I also noticed a statement on their GE page confirming Fuelperks CC is dead as of 12-31-2017. At least it's not just me. C'mon Giant Eagle. Inform your customers WTF you're planning next.

I've already been phasing out GE because of their new Curbside Delivery option. At the Brunswick, OH store customers have been banned from the "Pharmacy" door to make way for the service.

GE wanted introduce a whole new shopping experience and they certainly did for us. We now take our grocery $$$$ elsewhere.

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They did notify everyone and sent emails, letters out, had it posted on their website, and on your online account thing they were shutting the card down. You probably moved and never updated your information on that particular credit card, so of course you wouldn't get notice they were stopping the card. I got a notice

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